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Cary Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Cary Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Cary Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Cary Tile and Terrazzo Installation

Located in Benson serving Raleigh, Cary and Holly Springs and surrounding areas

Unmatched Tile
and Restoration

To guarantee that your tiles look their very best for longer, you need to invest in a repair service that stands out from the crowd. Call CM Byrd Tile Company today for our unmatched tile repair and restoration service and to learn more about the range of services we offer as well as our discounts and regular pricing offers. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Our Services

  • Porches
  • Kitchen Backsplash

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Anyone with tile will be quick to attest how beautiful and enhancing that this tile type can be for any sized home or business. However, the reality of the situation is that from time to time, damage and depreciation can occur which can affect the esthetic and visual benefits of this type of design. However, if you invest in the top-quality tile restoration from CM Byrd Tile Company, then you can rest assured that you will receive an unmatched service that will conveniently return your tiles back to their very best in no time at all. In general, if you have bothered to install tiles on your home or business, then the chances are that you care how they appear. It stands to reason then that you will not want to take shortcuts with the repair, restoration and maintenance of these tiles.

Reasons to Choose CM Byrd Tile Company

At CM Byrd Tile Company, we are firm believers in the mantra that you get nothing for nothing. That is why we will always work extremely hard to ensure that our high standards are maintained for all our residential and commercial clients. So, whether you are a new homeowner looking to remodel an en-suite bathroom or a restauranteur hoping to re-tile their entire dining room, we can help. Some of the specific reasons that our clients have given for choosing our top-quality service since we first opened our doors include:

  • 1. We’re a locally run and operated business that puts our client's interests first.
  • 2. No sub-contracting: all our skilled craftsmen are directly employed by CM Byrd Tile Company.
  • 3. We offer the perfect blend of traditional and modern conservation, repair and restoration techniques.
  • 4. Our state-of-the-art workshop and showroom is available for appointments at your convenience
  • 5. Access to some of the most unique and customized tiling repair techniques.
Ceramic Tiles

Need an Experienced and Established Tile Repair Service?

As an established tiling repair and restoration team, CM Byrd Tile Company offers an extremely comprehensive tiling repair service for all our residential clients. On top of that, we guarantee an unbeatable customer service with a wide range of affordable prices.

Combine this with our flexible payment plans, convenient opening hours and superior expertise and you really are onto a winner. Why take chances with inferior tile repair teams when the premier tile repair time is right here on your doorstep. If you want the best then you need to forget the rest.